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The Mandolin Hut Set Up Procedure

Most Internet Instrument Dealers Do Not Do This Mandolin Setup So Beware.

Mandolins need to be properly setup, tuned and played to make sure the mandolin
will play and sound the best as possible for your full enjoyment.

Each Mandolin Will Be Setup By A Professional Setup Technician As Follows:

Unpackaged from original box and inspected for breakage, scratches and other flaws.

Bridge is placed at proper location for correct intonation.

String height is check and adjusted
( Bridge may need to be cut or replaced, Nut may need removal and filing to lower or raise height
to proper playing height)

Strings are then tightened to bring mandolin up to tune.
Sometimes the string will need to be replaced due to age and incorrect tone.
(Strings will be changed free of charge if needed)

Mandolin is then brought up to tune and checked up & down the neck
for fret buzzing and proper tone.
(this might require more bridge, nut, and truss rod adjustment)

Mandolin is then set in stand and rested for at least 2 hours sometimes overnight.

Mandolin is then rechecked and tuned again.
Before it is carefully packed. (We do this right.)

We hope you enjoy your new mandolin. Please feel free to call us
with any questions or comments you may have.

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Order On Line Or Call 1-877-947-5550

The mandolin is a great instrument to learn and play.
And will give you many years of enjoyment.
We take great care packaging your mandolin to ensure
safe delivery to your door.
Or email us @ The Mandolin Hut

Visit Our Store Located At 2432 Mitchell St Knoxville TN

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